Auto Trade-In Fair Market Evaluation Process in Indianapolis, IN


For the most, part pre-owned vehicle pricing throughout the auto industry is inconsistent.  Champion recognizes that consumers prefer limited negotiations and upfront "Fair Market Pricing."


Consumers prefer a quick, easy and convenient process that aligns with getting to the bottom line much quicker than what the industry has provided.


In order to present a Fair Market Value for your trade, we will carefully evaluate your vehicle and provide on the spot pricing.

Our Evaluation Process is as follows:

  • Market Analysis is conducted
  • 90 day rate of sale
  • 30 day auction analysis
  • Current live auction activity
  • Vehicle history report (Car Fax)
  • Loan & retail value
  • Wholesale or remarketing strategy
  • Unit is "priced to market"


In a nut shell:

We will offer you a "Fair Market Price" upfront on ours and give you the "Fair Market Value" on yours!

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