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Visit the Indiana State Museum

Indiana State Museum

Looking to learn more about Indiana state history in an entertaining and family-friendly environment? Take a day and visit the Indiana State Museum! Interactive exhibits, one of the largest IMAX screens in the nation, and an exciting downtown location make it a must-see destination for both residents and those passing through.

Indiana State Museum Hours and Location

The Indiana State Museum is located at 650 W Washington St in downtown Indianapolis, but it’s probably easier to landmark it within White River State Park, the 250-acre green oasis in the middle of the city, one of six designated cultural districts in area. You can visit the Indiana State Museum from Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm, with $17 admission for adults, $16 for seniors, and $12 for kids ages 3-17. Children under three get in free.

Indiana State Museum Attractions

The Indiana State Museum attractions include exhibits and galleries devoted to the science, history, arts, and culture that make Indiana unique. You’ll always find the following features on display:

  • Birth of the Earth – Covering the Indiana story before the advent of human beings, this exhibit delivers the history of the state from a geological vantage, giving visitors the chance to learn more about the earth and rock beneath their feet.
  • Ancient Seas – This fossil collection tells the story of the creatures that called Indiana home when the state existed largely underwater.
  • Frozen Reign – Here, families can take a look at the frigid animals from the Ice Age, including mastodon, dire wolf, and more.
  • First Nations – Native American people shaped much of Indiana’s culture with games, food, and traditions that have been passed down through generations. Learn more about them in this exhibit.
  • Natural Regions – What did Indiana’s landscapes, flora, and fauna look like when the state’s first settlers came to visit? Find out in this gallery featuring a number of sensory experiences.
  • The Naturalist’s Lab – Give your kids a chance to play scientist in this hands-on portion of the Museum, with space to explore paleobiology, archaeology, geology, and more.
  • Contested Territory – Learn about the history that shaped Indiana’s political climate and statehood here, with lessons devoted to Indiana’s original leaders and settlers.
  • 19th State – Livestock, farm tools, and log cabins rebuilt and on display here transport visitors back to the earliest days of the Indiana lifestyle.
  • The Hoosier Way – What exactly does being a Hoosier mean? This exhibit covers Indiana’s emergence from its pioneer state of being as it forged its own identity.
  • Crossroads of America – Here you’ll learn about what made Indiana into the true point of connection for much of America coast-to-coast, with early items from Indiana’s history including coverage of railroads, newspapers, books, and music created in the state.
  • Enterprise Indiana – Entrepreneurship and industry have both found significant footholds in Indiana, whether they came about through World War I, immigration, prohibition, or suffrage, all are covered here.
  • Global Indiana – Here, Indiana’s influence on the world on a global scale is brought to light, with pieces highlighting Hoosier contributions to inventions, toys, pop culture, and the automotive industry.
  • American Originals – Who are Indiana’s real celebrities? You’ll learn all about them here, in this gallery devoted to those from our home who’ve gone down in the history books.
  • The Legacy Theater – And who’s making a difference today? Learn more about how Indiana still stretches its wings far beyond our own backyard, with the people and processes born here that make a difference nationally and internationally.

Don’t Miss the Indiana State Museum IMAX

Unless you’ve visited the Indiana State Museum IMAX, your trip isn’t complete. This one-of-a-kind cinema, one of the original IMAX theaters built before its groundbreaking technology made it to local blockbusters, features a 6-story screen and 12,000 watts of digital surround sound. And its showings aren’t limited to educational films like many other museums. Here, you’ll often find unique viewing experiences for many of Hollywood’s hottest new flicks.

Indiana State Museum Historic Sites on the Road

While the Indiana State Museum is located in Indianapolis, it also supports the preservation and promotion of many additional sponsored sites throughout the state. Visit the Museum’s Historic Sites page to learn more about the many events it holds at its supported locations throughout Indiana as you travel from place to place. You’ll never be far from the Museum’s many programs if you keep up here!

Champion CDJR of Indianapolis Supports the Indiana Drivers and Culture

Whether you’re headed downtown, or out on the open road, Champion CDJR of Indianapolis in Indianapolis supports the culture that makes our state proud. Few places in Indiana are better at reflecting those values like the Indiana State Museum! Know of an upcoming exhibit, event, or gallery we didn’t mention here? Contact us, stop by our dealership, and we’ll let you in on our list of favorite things to do in Indianapolis – along with our staff’s picks for the best Italian restaurants in Indianapolis!

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