Jeep ‘Badge of Honor’ Off-Road Social App

November 27th, 2016 by

Do you love to leave the road behind? Want to find other off-roading enthusiasts who share your passion? There’s no better way than signing up for the Jeep Badge of Honor social app, now available on both iPhone and Android.

Off-Road Social App

The Jeep Badge of Honor app makes it easy to find trails near you, and provides directions, information, and difficulty ratings to help you choose the perfect place for your next adventure. Once you join the Jeep Badge of Honor community, you can earn points to boost your off-road status, and post pictures that you can share with friends. Don’t worry if you travel off the grid, because the app works with or without cell phone reception.

It’s easy to earn points to compete with friends, and move up the ranks. Points are awarded as follows:

  • Sign up for Badge of Honor: +100
  • Log in: +10 (max. once per day)
  • Register your Jeep: +100
  • Post a comment: +5 (max. 10 per day)
  • Upload photo: +15 (max. 10 per trail)
  • Check in to a trail: +200 (max. once per trail per day)

By checking in and successfully completing trails, you will qualify for Hard Badges. Once your completion has been confirmed, you will be sent a trail-specific physical badge by mail that can be proudly displayed on your Jeep.

Since there are 44 Hard Badge trails spread across the country, you don’t have to go far to join in. You can earn four Hard Badges without leaving Indiana! Redbird State Recreation Area in Dugger, IN has four trails that can earn you Hard Badges on the Jeep Badge of Honor App.

  • Trail #3
  • Trail #4
  • Trail #14
  • Trail #25

The Jeep Badge of Honor app can even provide information on different trail-rated Jeep systems, terrain types, safety, and more, all of which are available to help drivers just starting out.

Download the Jeep Badge of Honor app today, or call (877) 727-4915 or visit our 4×4 Jeep & Ram Headquarters for more information on off-roading with Jeep. We can help you find the right 4×4 Jeep to get you out on the trails in our extensive Jeep & RAM inventory.