Jeep Off-Roading Guide for Indianapolis, IN

You've bought your new Jeep, now it's time to take it on some off-road excursions. Great for Indiana's off-road clubs and parks, Jeep vehicles are designed to take whatever you can dish out. If you are looking to go off-roading for the first time or the hundredth time, our Jeep off-road guide has some handy tips to help you have the experience of a lifetime.

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Snow & Mud

Driving through Indianapolis when there is snow or mud on the ground can be a challenge, but not for a Jeep. Using the following tips will help you to keep traction and avoid getting stuck in the snow or mud.

  • Engage your on-demand or part-time 4WD system
  • In snow, shift the transmission to a low gear and the transfer case to 4WD-LOW
  • Don’t shift to a lower gear other than to maintain momentum
  • Turn your steering wheel back and forth to gain traction if stuck
  • Do not over-rev your engine and do not continue if you lose traction completely


For improved traction in Indiana’s dunes, it is recommended that you drop the tire pressure to lower the tires and gain traction. Using high range 4WD will help your Jeep to maintain forward momentum.

  • Drop tire pressure 10-12 lbs.
  • Try high-range 4WD to maintain forward momentum
  • Make wider turns if possible (tight turns can get you stuck)
  • Maintaining forward momentum is key
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Climbing hills can be dangerous and safety is incredibly important. These tips will help you make sure that you and your passengers are safe.

  • Always go straight up or down
  • Apply more power at the base of the hill
  • Apply less power when you approach the top and before going over the crest
  • Back straight down if you stall on the ascent
  • Use low-range when descending
  • Do not disengage the clutch
  • Allow gears and compression to slow you down and apply brake pressure when necessary
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Rock Climbing

With an ideal speed of 1-3 MPH, rock crawling is most effective when you use as little throttle as possible. To successfully crawl over rocks, maneuver your wheel on top of them and crawl over them slowly.

  • Use low gear and low-range 4WD
  • Never straddle rocks
  • Drop tire pressure 3-5 lbs.
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Jeep Off-Roading FAQ

With over 40 off-road clubs and trails in the state of Indiana, Jeep owners have plenty of opportunity to take their SUVs and CUVs off the beaten path and onto some of the most entertaining back roads, paths and wooded areas in the entire country. The product specialists at our Jeep dealership in Indianapolis are often asked about tips and advice for SUV owners new to off-roading. With several off-road enthusiasts on staff, we have a unique perspective on some of the frequently asked questions we get from customers.

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How can 4x4 drivers put trail etiquette into practice?

It goes without saying that Jeep owners and 4x4 enthusiasts need to be as considerate on the trails as possible. Whether you bump into friends or strangers, make sure you don't bump into friends or strangers. You're more than likely not the only one on the trail, so please give special consideration to bikers, hikers, and horses.

Also, be aware of any SUVs or CUVs on the trail around you and remember that the 4x4 vehicle traveling uphill has the right of way. It's harder to maintain momentum going uphill and it's dangerous to back down a steep narrow trail.

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How should Jeep drivers navigate rocks and obstacles?

Rock crawling can be one of the most fun aspects of Jeep ownership, but there are several aspects that 4x4 enthusiasts need to be aware of when taking on their first pebble.

  • Bring a spotter. Have a friend or colleague give you advice from outside the vehicle. They might see something that you can't and save you from disaster.
  • Rock crawling is all about having your wheels in the right places. Taking on bigger rocks will require good footwork on the brake, accelerator, and clutch.
  • Don't be afraid to build a track with logs or rocks. Adding a track can make a tricky section of trail a lot easier.
  • Never jar the brakes when moving backwards on an angle. This will likely cause a rollover.
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Is there a preferred method of navigating steep climbs and descents in a Jeep 4x4?

Yes. Whether going up or down steep terrain our team of product specialist at Champion Jeep in Indianapolis has key advice for any first time 4x4 owner who comes across steep terrain.

  • Traction is key. Don't hit the gas and expect to go straight up the hill. A slow, controlled climb or descent is the preferred method to avoid rollover.
  • Stay off the brakes. Momentum is your best friend when ascending. Don't stop your momentum by braking hard
  • Avoid sliding by pointing the front tires downhill and adding gas to straighten out. It's actually the best method to avoid an uncontrolled slip
  • Use the winch. There's no shame in admitting that a trail got the best of you and taking the safer route with the winch. There is shame in calling emergency services because your Jeep is sitting on its roof.
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How can Jeep drivers get through an emergency?

First, stay calm. Panicking will only make a bad situation worse. Take a deep breath. Your Jeep is outfitted with the Uconnect system with roadside assistance and emergency assistance. Simply press the + button to connect to an operator and help will be on the way through the Uconnect driver emergency assistance system included with your Jeep.


How can I prepare for going off-road in my Jeep?

Before hitting the trails, you will want to be positive that your vehicle is prepared.

  • Be sure your battery is fastened
  • Check the condition of your hoses
  • Make sure all fluids are topped off (including oil and fuel)
  • Be sure tires are in good condition
  • Check tires for proper pressure
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