Auto Service Frequently Asked Questions in Indianapolis, IN

Proper maintenance is important for any car owner, but there is a lot of moving parts making up a car, and knowing what to do when an issue crops up isn't always easy. But don't be intimidated. The auto technicians at Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram service center in Indianapolis, IN have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions they receive, which you can find below.

Service FAQs

When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Ideally, you should change your engine oil every six months or every 3,000-5,000 miles with conventional oil and around 5,000-7,500 miles with synthetic oil. However, depending on your vehicle, this number may vary. Make sure to always check your service manual to see the recommended oil change intervals for your model.

Additionally, if you often drive in any of these situations, you will need to change your engine oil more often, as the engine oil will break down faster.

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Dusty roads
  • Frequent short distance trips
  • Stop-and-go traffic
  • Towing and carrying heavy loads

Are you wondering where to get your oil changed for a good price? Our service department often offers coupons on oil & oil filter changes.


What Are These Brake Parts My Service Tech Mentioned?

The brake system is made up of several different parts. Most modern cars use a hydraulic braking system, and function as follows:

  • Brake fluid fills the brake lines
  • Pressure is transferred through the brake lines to the brake calipers, causing them to clamp down
  • Brake pads are attached to the brake calipers
  • When the calipers clamp down, the brake pads are pressed against the brake rotor (this is the round disc visible behind the wheel cover)

The best place to order a brake component in the Indianapolis, IN area is the Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram parts center.


When Should I Get My Brakes Repaired?

The brake system is one of, if not the, most important system on your car, and it takes a lot of wear and tear. When the brake pads press against the brake rotor, the friction causes the vehicle to slow down, but it also wears down the brake pads and eventually the other parts as well.

Brake Repair

There are several signs that a brake component needs replacing that you should watch out for.

  • A high-pitched squealing noise
  • A low grinding noise
  • Vibration when driving
  • Brakes reacting slower or quicker than usual


Why Do I Need to Rotate My Tires?

Different tires wear down at different rates based on which ones are getting more contact with the road. For example, the outside edge wears out faster than the inside edge, and front tires tend to wear out faster than rear tires, especially if your daily route involves lots of turns.

Rotating tires ensures that no specific tire wears down and needs to be replaced sooner than the others.


What is Wheel Alignment Balancing?

Sometimes your vehicle's wheels can become misaligned and the tires no longer point the right way. This can be caused by running over pot holes or speed bumps, hitting curbs, or just with wear and tear.

If you have noticed that your car pulls to one side and doesn't drive in a straight line when the steering wheel is positioned straight, you need your wheels aligned. You can either get only the front wheels aligned or get a four-wheel alignment. You should also get your wheels aligned every time you get new tires.


What Should I Do When My Check Engine Light Comes On?

If your check engine light is steadily illuminated, this can be any number of problems, some serious and some not. Most relate to the powertrain and exhaust systems.

Check Engine Light

Check your dashboard lights to see if there are any other lights that could indicate the problem, such as overheating or low oil pressure. You can also try pulling over and tightening the gas cap.

This scenario is not an emergency, but you should still make a service appointment at Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Indianapolis to have the problem diagnosed. Ignoring it can hurt your fuel economy, increase emissions, and if neglected long enough, cause more serious problems.


What Should I Do If My Check Engine Light is Blinking?

If the check engine light is blinking or illuminated red rather than yellow-orange, this means your engine is misfiring. You should reduce power immediately, and have your vehicle brought to a mechanic as soon as possible. You should not drive it until you can have it repaired.


My Question Isn't Listed Here/How Do I Make A Service Appointment?

If you still need help with your auto service issue, please called (888) 493-0919 to speak to a service specialist. You can also schedule an appointment through our online form.

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